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Berrendo Middle School 1/16/14
"Bulldog Strong"


Superintendent Tom Burris                                                                 Click Here for Spanish Version

This morning as I approached Berrendo Middle School there were flowers and a teddy bear at the front entrance.  This is a scene that we have observed at too many other schools across the Nation.  While I was moved and saddened I also noted that VFW members were there to greet our kids.  Yesterday the Roswell Fire Department raised a huge flag that could be seen for miles, the breeze blew the flag in the direction of Berrendo Middle School. 

As we moved through the day and days ahead, our hearts are with the staff and students of Berrendo Middle School.  We have seen an outpouring of concern and offer of assistance from our community, State and Nation.  Roswell is so fortunate to be in the thoughts and prayers of so many.  Our Berrendo Middle School students returned to school Thursday, January 16, 2014, and were greeted by the community that loves them so much.  We had numerous counselors, social workers and comfort dogs on hand to begin the healing process.  Our continued thoughts and prayers are with the students and families of those involved.

As the staff of the school shares their experiences and I talk with Police and First Responders, there is a consistent message.  The teachers did a great job.  The students and staff knew what to do and ensured student safety.  They are all heroes.     

I have received calls, text messages, emails and personal contact from all of the Superintendents in the State of New Mexico, in addition I have talked to many school personnel across the country.  Governor Susanna Martinez and the New Mexico Secretary for Education, Hannah Skandera, were here for three days to support teachers and students.  They offered assistance as we need.  Both were in classrooms, faculty meetings and in the halls of Berrendo as students and parents returned to school.  Our County leaders, City Council, Mayor, business leaders and higher education leaders have all offered assistance.    The caring, compassion and offers of assistance are much appreciated.

I know as a parent that there is nothing more precious than our children.  Their safety is our utmost concern and as we move forward we are reminded that the training and commitment to children is an RISD strength.  I am always inspired at the resilience and compassion of children and educators.    

Parents and staff, if you see that you or a child are in need assistance, please call your school Principal or the RISD Central Services at 575-627-2500.  You may also want to contact our local resources:

Roswell Counselors
Current as of January 2014
Please verify address if making an appointment

Behavioral Medicine Associates, Inc.                                   Susan Voight, LPCC
Brian Whitlock, PhD, Psychologist                                       Art Therapy, Play Therapy
-Therapist                                                                         200 W. 1st, #532
1010 N. Virginia                                                                575-627-0439

Cathy Boschero, PMH-CNP/CNS                                        Pamela Linnell, PhD
1700 N. Union                                                                  400 N. Pennsylvania
575-624-2121                                                                 575-622-4519

Steven Cobb, PhD                                                             Susan Wilson, LISW
Psychologist                                                                      Integrated w/Christian principles
400 N. Pennsylvania                                                          300 W. 2nd
575-622-6437                                                                 575-624-2661

Turquoise Health and Wellness                                           La Familia Mental Health
110 E. Mescalero                                                              200 W. Hobbs
575-623-1480                                                                 575-623-1220

Crossroads Counseling                                                      Debra Prince,
LPCC Kathleen Freebird                                                     200 E. 4th
105 E. 5th                                                                        575-637-8109

Deborah Geisler, LISW                                                       School Based Health Centers
Robert Phillips, LMSW, LADAC                                             575-627-2808 8 am to 4 pm
400 N. Pennsylvania #1080                                               Locations:
575-623-2248                                                                       *Mesa Middle School
                                                                                               1601 E. Bland
Lawanna Holland, Ph.D/LMFT                                                     Monday & Tuesday
200 E. 4th
575-420-5303                                                                       *Roswell High School
                                                                                                500 W. Hobbs
Gil Jimenez                                                                               Wednesday & Thursday
209 N. Main                                                                            *Goddard High School
575-317-5101                                                                         701 E. Country Club Rd

Jessie Chavez, LISW
(505) 816-5409
Office (505) 639-6571
*4 Staff Available

Eric Peterson – Director
Behavioral Health Operations Blue Cross/Blue Shield
(505) 816-2736
    * Therapist/Crisis Resources – Licensed Staff
    * Motor Home – 3 Rooms – Screenings 
    * Educational Materials         


Subfinder:  https://risd.subfinderonline.com/ 

2013-2014 -
District Calendar w/ School Holidays
(Added 3/20/2013)

Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, Staff, Community, and School Board:

First I would like to thank the staff for the warm welcome I have received during my visits to the schools. I have met numerous teachers and school staff who are all committed individuals with the goal of quality education for all students. I have asked for input from each group and I am compiling that data. It has been great to share ideas and aspirations with the groups and the community. The overarching comments are that our schools are among the best in New Mexico.

During a meeting with administrators last week, I emphasized our commitment to team work and support of all schools. Yes, we do have challenges and we are ready to meet the challenge as a team. I had the opportunity to talk about support. The need to support each other, support for the site administrators and the administrations commitment to support every employee in shaping young peoples lives. I have seen many wonderful things that are already happening in our schools, from growth on standardized assessments to partnerships with local and national organizations. I am impressed by the hard work that our staff across the district has done, we have to push ourselves to do even more. I look forward to the school year and will be sharing our achievements on a regular basis.

In education it seems that acknowledgement of hard work is sometimes slow in coming. Next time you see one of our great teachers, support staff or administrators, please make an effort to tell them how much you appreciate their hard work. For without this commitment, our children may not realize their full potential. I also commend the Roswell Independent Schools, Board of Education. Their commitment to students is second to none in the state.

Thank you and have a great school year.

Tom Burris


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