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2011-2012 Improving 5th Grade SBA Reading Scores


Review 1 Personal Achievement (Compare and Contrast, Inference & Summarizing)

Review 2 Betsy Brandon Meets the President Washington (Compare and Contrast, Inference & Summarizing)

Review 3 Emperors of the Antarctic ( Main Idea, Plot and Resolution & Supporting Answers)

Review 4 Ernie Hanato, Paniolo (Main Idea, Inference & Evaluating Test)

Review 5 Fighting Fires ( Summarizing, Inference & Supporting Answers)





Review 6 A Lasting Impression (Plot and Resoultion, Author's Purpose & Fact and Opinion)

Review 7 What is an Ecosystem? (Author's Purpose, Key Vocabulary & Supporting Answers)

Review 8 The Secret of Summer (Supporting Answers, Cause and Effect, Author's Purpose & Evaluating Test)

Review 9 The Block Party ( Setting, Topic Sentence & Finding Information)

Review10 What Are You Figuring Now? (Author's Purpose, Supporting Answers, Inference & Fact and Opinion)





Review 11 Bricks (Supporting Answers, Author's Purpose, Inference & Sequencing)

Review 12 Shades of Silence ( Author's Purpose, Main Idea, Character Actions to Plot, Word Choice & Plot and Resolution)

Review 13 Halley's Comet ( Fact and Opinion & Timeline)

Review 14 A Winning Team ( Plot and Resolution, Compare and Contrast & Characters Actions)

Review 15 Digging up the Past (Author's Purpose, Formulation Questions & Supporting Answers) 






Review 16 Benito Juarez (Sequence of Events & Timelines)

Review 17 Yoshiko Writes ( Author's Purpose, Main Idea & Inference)

Review 18 Monarchs (Word Choice & Finding Answers)

Review 19 The First Roads ( Fact and Opinion & Summarizing)

Review 20 Matthew Henson- Arctic Explorer (Fact and Opinion & Author's Purpose)

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