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Setting Up Your Voice Mail (1st Time)

  1. From your IP Phone, you can start the process of setting up your Voice Mail by either pressing the MSGS button on your IP Phone or dialing 3655.  
    (If you are doing this from your personal extension, please skip to step #3)
  2. You can also setup your Voice Mail from outside the district by calling 637-3655.  When Cisco Unity answers press the * key and enter your ID which is your extension number.
  3. Cisco Unity will now ask for your Password.  When you first setup your voice mail, you are assigned a generic password of 12345.  Enter this number and then #.  (Note:  You will be prompted later to change this password)
  4. Cisco Unity will now ask you to enter your name.  Say your name (first and last) and then press the # key.  If you want to keep your recorded name press the # key.
  5. Cisco Unity will now ask you to enter a greeting.  There is a standard greeting which Cisco will play for you.  If you don't like the standard greeting and want to record your own, follow the prompts.  Remember to press the # key when you are done with each step.
  6. Cisco Unity will now ask you to enter a new password.  The new password must be at least 4 digits and cannot be a simplistic repetitious number. (Examples: 1111, 1212, 1234, ...)  Enter your new password then press the # key.  You will be asked to enter it one more time.
  7. Once you have finished with the password setup, Cisco will enter you into the directory listing.  This will help fellow teachers or parents find your extension number by your listed name.