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   Phase III


September 08 Topical Presentations 
Algebraic Equations Grades 7-11
Algebraic Equations Grades 7-11

October 08 Topical Presentations
Word Problems with Fractions Presentation Grades 3-6
Word Problems with Fractions Problems Grades 3-6
Fractions: A Conceptual Approach
Practice 1 Addition of Fractions with Grid Model Grades 1-3

Math Notes Do You See What I See? Grades 1-3 
Graph Paper

November 08 Topical Presentations
"Please Execute My Dear Aunt Sally" Understanding the Order of Operations Grades 2-9

Order of Operations Poster 
Model Drawing and Percent Problems Grades 4-8
Working with Decimals Grades 2-6

February 09 Topical Presentations
Decimals Grades 3-6
Step-by-Step Model Drawing Approach
Multiplication of Fractions Grades 4-7
Fractions: With Grid Model

"Please Execute My Dear Aunt Sally" Grades 3-9
Model Drawing and Bloom: Reverse Model Drawing Grades 3-9

Patterns and Functions Grades 3-8 

Concept Splash Grades 3-8
Sequencing Grades 3-8
Understanding Fractions: Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Fractions Grades 4-7

August 09 Topical Presentations
New Teacher Orientation
Drawing Model

September 09 Topical Presentations
Percents and Decimals and Singapore Math Grades 2-6
Sp Ed and Singapore Math Special Education Teachers

ELL and Singapore Math ELL Teachers
Math Strategies for ELL Intervention ELL Teachers

October 09 Topical Presentations
Decimals and Percents with Singapore Math Grades 3-7
Mental Math (Bonding/Branching) Grades 1-5
Using Grid Models to Teach Fractions (Add/Sub) Grades 5-8

Please Execute My Dear Aunt Sally (Order of Operations) Grades 2-6
Using Grid Models to Teach Fractions (Mult/Div) Grades 5-8 
Probability 6th Grade Curriculum Grade 6

Math Strategies for Multiplication Grades 3-8

November 09 Topical Presentations
Singapore Math Family Grades 3-5
Singapore Math Family Night Vaughn School

December 09 Topical Presentation
Advanced Training Vaughn School


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