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InteGrade Pro

The Roswell Independent School District uses the IntegradePro Gradebook Software. IGPro is available via teacher computers from everywere in the district. If you need IGPro loaded on your teacher computer, please contact your building tech person by clicking the box below.


For teachers wishing to enter grades from OUTSIDE the RISD network, you will need to load IGPro Home version.  This installer program will install all the necessary files for you to use IGPro from anywhere except the RISD network.

If you have any questions on use, please send an email to helpdesk.


System Requirements


Download the installer to your computer.  After your download has completed, run IGPROSetup.exe
You must select your school for the program to properly install the license file.  
If you do not select your school, you will not be able to access the online gradebooks.  If you are asked for a license #, you will need to reinstall the program and select your school from the list. 

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