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Career and Technical Course Descriptions
Standards for Excellence   and  Educational Standard

 A+Certification GHS 2008 

 A+Certification RHS 2008

 Accounting I  2008

Personal Business/Finance

Accounting II 2008 

Advanced Foods GHS 2008 

Ag Econ & Business 2008

Ag Lab 2008

Ag Lab Advanced 2008

Agricultural Management II 2008

Agricultural Industry & Technology 2008

Agricultural Mechanics Intro 2008

Agriculture Internship OJT

Agriculture  Other 2008

Ag Co-Op (Horticulture OJT) 2008

Agriculture I Intro 2008

Agriculture II Intro 2008

Auto Tech I 2008

Auto Tech II 2008

Automotive Technology Co-Op OJT

Automotive Technology I (Communications)

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Technology III Communications

Basic Computers

Business Computer Applications II Office 2003

Business Computer Applications III Excel 2008

Business Computer Applications IV Word 2003

Business Computer Applications IV GHS 2008

Business Law II

Business Management II 2008

Business Mgt. I (Office Technology I)

Business Work Experience

Child Care for the Professional 2008

Child Care Work Experience 2008

Child Development I Communications

Child Development 2 Communications

Child Development Parenting GHS 2008

Child Development Parenting RHS 2008

Child Development Parenting UHS 2008

Clothing I

Clothing II

Computer Programming I

Computer Technology II (Cisco) GHS 2008 

Computer Technology II (Cisco) RHS 2008

Construction I 

Construction Trades I 

 Crafts I 2008

Culinary I 2008

Culinary II 2008

Database Design (Business)

Database Design (Marketing)

Database Design (Computer)

Drafting General

Driver's Education

Entrepreneurship 2008

Family & Consumer Science 6th grade 2008

Family & Consumer Science 7th grade 2008

Family & Consumer Science 8th grade 2008

Family Living

FCCLA 2008

FCCLA Leadership 2008

Food Science 2008 

Foods & Nutrition 2008 

General Computer Applications SMS 

General Technology BMS

Grads I 

Grads II

Health Assistance Cooperative 2008

Health Assistance Science 2008

Health Care Science Coop 2008

Health Care Science Coop II 2008

Health Education Occupations 2008

Health Work Experience Forms 2008

Horticulture General 2008

Horticulture I 2008

Horticulture II 2008

Horticulture III 2008

Horticulture IV 2008

Hospitality & Tourism 2008

Independent Living 2008

Interior Design 2008

Interior Design Housing Decisions

Intro. to Computer Science GHS

Intro. to Computer Science RHS/UHS

Intro to Marketing 2008

Life Skills 2

Life Skills & Life Management 2008

Marketing Career Exploration 2009

Marketing I

Marketing II 2008

Marketing Internship 2008

Marketing Lab 2008

OJT-1 2008


Multimedia Video Production One

Multimedia Video Production Two

Nursing 2008

Ornamental Horticulture I 2008

Ornamental Horticulture II 2008

Practical Coop Training I

Practical Coop Training II

Practical Work Experience Training

ProStart I

ProStart II

Textiles (Crafts) 2008


Experience I 2008

 Experience II 2008

  Work Experience Agriculture 12

Mock Trial Art History