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Eleventh Grade Language Arts Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Reading Comprehension

+ Draw inferences based on socio-historical influence of texts and judge how those influences affect reader’s comprehension of the text and time period.
+ Apply knowledge of rhetorical modes and literary devices to analyze, interpret, and critique the effect of the author’s purpose.


+ Create a variety of sentence patterns including inverted sentences: Inverted sentence structure, Antithesis, Periodic Sentences.
+ Develop a persuasive essay that utilizes specific rhetorical devices that back up assertions and anticipate and address the reader’s concerns and counter claims: Utilize prewriting strategies, Write rough draft, Revise and edit, Compose final product.
+ Produce a research paper on a well-defined topic by making extensive use of valid, reliable primary and secondary sources, as well as creative and critical research strategies; and present the researched information and conclusions in a logical, appropriate way to a specific audience.


+ Recognize, recall, and apply literary devices and rhetorical modes in texts from all genres: Rhetorical questions, Understatement, Extended metaphor, Foil, Juxtaposition.
+ Analyze how writers use narrative forms and features, lingual patterns in dialogue and narration and culturally specific customs, traditions, and symbolism in literary works: Allegory, Anecdote, Diction, Frame story, Inversion, Local color, Realism, Regionalism.
+ Recognize how history and culture influence texts: how text reflects or changes societal and cultural attitudes; and which key U.S. documents and literary movements shape the American literary canon: Elegy, Epigram, Epithet.