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Twelfth Grade Language Arts Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Reading Comprehension

+ Infer the limitations of a text based on types of evidence offered by the author of a text.
+ Apply knowledge of rhetorical modes and literary devices to analyze, interpret, and critique the effect of the author’s purpose on the text and the reader’s interpretation.

Word Analysis

+ Analyze texts to identify jargon and specialized terminology needing clarification or definition in order for student to comprehend, analyze, and/or critique a text.
+ Use a variety of syntactical structures to produce effective sentences that are grammatically sound and that express complex ideas.


+ Construct a well-developed argument using rhetorical strategies to effectively present a position on a topic and fulfill the author’s purpose.
+ Create a literary response essay that demonstrates a strong grasp of the reading text(s), makes a clear critical judgment of the text, and supports the student’s ideas with detailed references to the text(s).


+ Recognize and analyze culturally specific customs, traditions, and symbols in literary works from the British and/or world canons.
+ Analyze and critique works of literature from the British and/or world canons for their historical and literary significance and what the texts suggests about the time periods and socio-cultural contexts in which they were written.
+ Identify, apply, and analyze knowledge of literary elements in oral/written analyses and/or critiques of works of literature.