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First Grade Language Arts Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Reading Comprehension

+ Utilize reading strategies to read and comprehend grade level text.
+ Demonstrate comprehension by listening, retelling what is read, heard, and viewed.
+ Discuss, analyze and expand story elements to support comprehension.
+ Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of types of books and features of print (e.g. illustrations, text, headings, glossary, table of contents)


+ Master printing the alphabet in lower and upper case letters in a legible manner.
+ Write a complete sentence using grade level spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.
+ Utilize the writing process to create simple stories, opinion pieces, informative texts, and/or narratives using grade level spelling and content.

Media and Technology

+ Use a variety of resources to gather information.
+ Demonstrate use of basic components of technology proficiently and the use of technology and media to create own works. (Proper care & use of resources like: flip cameras, promethean boards, computers, etc.)
+ Participate in small/whole group discussion using grade level vocabulary.
+ Speak clearly in complete sentences to express self.