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Third Grade Language Arts Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Reading Comprehension

+ Read fluently with comprehension at or above grade level with intonation, expression, and enunciation.
+ Generate questions before, during, and after viewing or hearing text to clarify meaning, and make predictions and inferences about text read and heard.
+ Draw conclusions and make generalizations to connect text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world.
+ Summarize to identify main ideas and details in a paragraph, multiple paragraphs, and short stories.

Word Analysis

+ Develop academic vocabulary using knowledge of root/base words, prefixes, suffixes, syllabication, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, and multiple meaning words.
+ Know parts of speech: nouns (common/proper/possessive/ plural), verbs (irregular/endings), adjectives (superlative, demonstrative), adverbs in and out of context.
+ Acquire new vocabulary through decoding, context clues, and spelling patterns.


+ Write simple, compound, and complex sentences with correct punctuation and capital letters legibly in cursive.
+ Explain thinking/reasoning in written and oral form (constructed response).
+ Plan and compose a variety of works to a specified audience using the writing process to include narratives.
+ Recognize and use basic edit/proofreading marks.
+ Apply the writing process to a variety of works.


+ Identify author’s and character’s point-of-view, and author’s purpose in the following forms of genres (tall tales, folktales, fables, fiction, non-fiction, poetry).
+ Identify figurative language as a literary tool (i.e. analogies, similes, and metaphors).
+ Identify similarities and differences within a variety of story structures (sequence of events, characters, main idea, supporting details) emphasizing personal connections and ideas.

Oral Language Development/Media and Technology

+ Make oral presentations using a variety of media/technologies when appropriate, with an awareness of audience and purpose.
+ Use a variety of resources to gather information.
+ Use viewed media to reinforce reading comprehension skills.