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Fourth Grade Language Arts Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Reading Comprehension

+ Read grade level text with fluency (use of voice and tone) at a rate that supports comprehension.
+ Employ questioning and summarization to clarify meaning of grade level text.
+ Make connections: text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world
+ Infer meaning that is not stated explicitly in text to draw conclusions using deductive and inductive reasoning.


+ Utilize planning strategies to organize a written document such as brainstorming, mapping, webbing, journaling or note-taking.
+ Write complete meaningful sentences with significant details to convey a message within a paragraph.
+ Write constructive or extended responses using reasoning and critical thinking.
+ Revise a written document focusing on sequence of events and ideas, transitional words, sentence structure, word usage and details.
+ Edit a written document focusing on conventions of capitalization, punctuation, spelling and word usage.
+ Compose a concise three-paragraph essay using the writing process in legible handwriting.


+ Analyze literary connections across a variety of cultures using cause/effect or compare/contrast strategies.
+ Clarify meaning, speculate about text, and determine the author’s intent, style, content through questioning.
+ Apply figurative language (similes, metaphors, analogies).