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Fourth Grade Mathematics Targets with Quarterly Indicators

Number and Operations

+ Understand and apply simple estimation and rounding to whole numbers up to 100,000
+ Solve addition and subtraction of 6 digit numbers with and without regrouping
+ Know from memory multiplication/division facts through 12 x 12
+ Identify, create and use different interpretations of fractions


+ Describe, compare and classify attributes of 2-D and 3-D geometric shapes
+ Identify and describe the characteristics of quadrilaterals in terms of angles and lengths of sides and lines of symmetry.
+ Locate and describe spatial relationships using coordinate geometry; identify transformations of symmetry
+ Identify perimeter and area

Data and Probability

+ Formulate questions, and analyze data by collecting, organizing and displaying data
+ Use data analysis to make inferences and predictions
+ Understand and apply basic concepts of probability
+ Select and use appropriate statistical methods to analyze data


+ Understand patterns, relations, and functions
+ Interpret mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols
+ Represent and understand quantitative relationships
+ Analyze changes in various contexts