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Kindergarten Math Learner Targets


Numbers and Operations

+ Possess a working knowledge of the base ten number system including ones and tens.
+ Read, write, and use pictures, objects, or numerals to represent quantities to 100.
+ Count, compare, and sort objects by attributes such as size, shape, color, number, etc.
+ Recognize, reproduce, describe, extend, create, compare and translate repeating patterns (e.g., color, shape, size, sound, movement, simple numbers).
+ Use concrete objects to solve simple addition problems.
+ Use concrete objects to solve simple subtraction problems.
+ Use logical reasoning and display math concepts in problem solving situations connected to everyday life. (Possible strategies could include predict, estimate, draw a picture, build a graph, select an appropriate operation, monitor and reflect).
+ Collect data about objects and events in the environment to answer simple questions (e.g., brainstorm questions about self and surroundings, collect data, and record the results using objects, pictures, and pictographs).
+ Utilize specific vocabulary to model, explain, draw, demonstrate, connect, and describe mathematical ideas.