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Roswell Independent School District


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Superintendent's Message

This guide is designed to welcome and introduce you to the Roswell Independent School District. Our schools are a source of great community pride and we are pleased that you are seeking an association with us. One major reason for our success is the close relationship between the community and the schools. We invite you to become a partner in the education of our children. Many parents and community leaders take advantage of the building and district advisory councils, open school board meetings, and the accessibility of all personnel. Call on any of us when you are in need of assistance.

Mission Statement

Focusing on Quality Education for Each and Every Child

EPSS Goals

(Educational Plan for Student Success)

1. All students will increase their comprehension and application of informational reading material across the curriculum.

2. All students will improve their comprehension and application of math skills across the curriculum.

3. To improve parent involvement for their children's academic achievement and success through a collaborative approach as a member of the school community.

School Board

The Roswell Independent School District Board of Education consists of five members who serve staggered four-year terms. They are elected in odd-numbered years by voters in five election districts.

When Your Board Meets

Meetings of the board generally are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room of the Administrative and Educational Services Center, 300 N. Kentucky. Special meetings are called as needed.

How You May Participate

Public participation at Board of Education meetings is encouraged by the Roswell Independent School District. Public comments provide the board with new insights and fresh ideas.

Citizens may speak to the board during its public hearing sessions. The Board requests that comments, which may be on any non-personnel subject, be limited to five minutes. Speakers are required to register prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Board Goals

1) We will ensure discipline and student safety.

2) We will improve academic achievement.

3) We will continue to implement technology to:

  • Raise academic achievement
  • Improve learning efficiency
  • Increase student motivation
  • Focus on inquiring, collaborating, problem solving, student centered learning, and interdisciplinary instruction.

4) We will encourage and facilitate parent/guardian community involvement in our schools.

It is the policy of the Roswell Board of Education to forbid acts of discrimination in all matters dealing with employees, students, and with applicants for positions with the school district and to further the principle of equal employment opportunity in all actions affecting employees and applicants. This policy forbids discrimination in any education program or activity operated by the Roswell Independent School District.  The policy covers, but is not limited to:  recruitment, hiring, training, and promotion of persons in all job classifications, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or age, as well as all actions relating to student participation in courses, counseling, athletics and any other school sponsored activity.

RISD Website


Please visit the RISD website for information about:

  • assessment/evaluation
  • attendance policies
  • district hiring policies
  • athletics/activities
  • school calendars
  • instruction
  • district policies regarding student discipline and progress reports on facility updates


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