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School Board Policies


  Index of Policies


Series 1000   Board of Education – Powers and Duties of the Board, Statement of Ethics, Philosophy and Objectives, Organization, Duties of the Officers of the Board of Education, Methods of Operation 
Series 2000  Administration – Central Administrative & Supervisory Personnel, Organizational Chart, Acceptance of Grant Awards, Safety of Students and Employees, Parent Participation in School Discipline Policies, Crisis Management Plan
Series 3000  Personnel – Human Resources – Licensed Personnel, Support Personnel
Series 4000  

Instructional Programs – Levels, Requirements, and Promotion, Grading Plan, Special Programs, Physical Education, Bilingual Multi-Cultural Policy, Fire Drills, Textbook Adoptions, Selection of Instructional Materials and Equipment, Controversial Issues in the Classroom, Copyrighted Materials, Resource Speakers, Repair of Private Vehicles

Updated section 4370, Wellness Policy

Series 5000    Pupil Personnel – General Policies, Student Rights & Responsibilities, Educational Testing, Miscellaneous Policies, Reporting Student Abuse of Alcohol or Drugs, Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect, Pledge of Allegiance Exemption, Title IX and Section 504 Non-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures (Includes 5130 - Students Rights & Responsibilities)
Series 6000 Finance – Budget, Inventory, Payroll, Purchasing, Cafeteria, and Transportation
Series 7000   School Community Relations – Communication with Public, Procedural Policies, Student Purchases, Graffiti on School Property, Naming School Facilities, School Site Based Councils







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