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Course Descriptions

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This document is the district High School Curriculum Guide

Below is a list of topics covered.

 Admission and Placement

 General Information

 Course Descriptions

 Agriculture and Natural Resources

 Summer School


 New Mexico Competency Exam

 Computer & Information Sciences

 Advanced Placement Classes

Construction Trades

 Graduation Requirements

 Consumer and Homemaking Education

 Transfer Credits


 Required Courses

 Elective Activities

 Course Recommendations

 Energy, Power, Transportation Technology

 Concurrent Enrollment

 English Language & Literature

 ENMU-R Articulation

 Fine and Performing Arts

 Alternative Credit

 Foreign Language & Literature

 Health and Safety Education

 Health Care Sciences

 Industrial/Technology Education

 Life & Physical Sciences



 Physical Education

 Social Sciences & History

 Special Education

 Gifted & Talented

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