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Jennifer Cole  

Director of Federal Programs and Grants

Patricia Garibay                                                                      Brenda Ortiz

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Title I

The Title I grant consists of funds allocated by the Federal Government to provide supplementary educational services to students who are educationally disadvantaged or at risk of failing to meet the state standards.  Title I funds focus on disadvantaged children in high-poverty schools and supports reading/language arts, math, and parent involvement.  The three high schools, the four middle schools, and twelve elementary schools in the Roswell School District receive Title I funds.  Each school has developed a School Wide Title I Plan which allows each student in all of our schools to benefit from Title I funds.   Title I funds are used to purchase supplemental materials and supplies for reading and math, and for the cost of personnel.

Title II

Title II funds are made available to school districts and state agencies to improve teaching and student learning in the core subject areas. Activities provide sustained and intensive high-quality professional staff development that enhance teachers instructional strategies which have a direct impact and help students achieve high academic standards and reduce class sizes.  Title II funds in the Roswell School District are used to cover the cost of class size reduction teachers, and to provide high quality professional staff development for all staff members.

The Carl Perkins:  Career and Technical Education funds envision that all students will achieve challenging academic and technical standards and be prepared for high-skill, high-wage, or high-demand occupations in current or emerging professions. The program provides an increased focus on the academic achievement of career and technical education students, improves State and local accountability, and strengthens the connections between secondary and postsecondary education. Career and Technical Education funds in the Roswell School District provides high school programs that prepare students for today's competitive workforce.