AESC Tech Lab

The tech lab is in room 113 of the AESC (Admin) building.  It has about 12 computers and a Promethean board at the front of the room with it's own PC.  It can be scheduled by any staff at RISD by making an Outlook calendar event and using the "Scheduling Assistant" tab to add the resource "AESCTechLab" (in addition to the other attendees if desired).  This will tentatively reserve the room, and allow you access to see what times the room is available.  After you send the meeting invite, Rose or Bryan will approve the request, and you will get an email acknowledging the reservation acceptance.  The meeting cannot be an "all day event", or span multiple days.  Please reserve for the entire morning, afternoon, or all day.
Outlook Cal showing Scheduling Assistant tab and AESCTechLab added as attendee

The view of this calendar shown below is updated after a day or two after Outlook is updated.
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