Family Logins

Clever started the "Family Portal" in early 2020.  This is offers logins to Parents and Guardians of students.  Invites were sent out to the emails we have on record for students a couple times over the summer.  What this does is allow the family to login and be linked to each of their students, mostly to assist in helping them login.  You will be given their badge and a couple other methods to offer login assistance.

This requires a few things in place to work.

Needed: Parent/Guardian email in PowerSchool needs to be correct.
Validation: You can download the SchoolMessenger App (the blue one) and create an account using the email you want on record with the school district.  This app will show you any students you're registered with.
Correction method: Contact your school for any updates.

Needed: Get an invite
Validation: Emails expire after a few days, so looking through Junk and Clutter should be done right away.
Correction method: email [email protected] if you would like an invite sent to you.  I'll need the student name and your email address, to confirm all is correct in PowerSchool, then I can initiate a single invite for you.