Advanced Placement (AP)

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program offers college-level courses and exams students can take in high school. Qualifying Scores can earn a student college credit. RISD follows College Board’s Equity and Access Policy Statement to make equitable access a guiding principle for our AP Programs. We allow for all students who are willing to take the challenge of an AP course to do so. We believe all students should have access to rigorous coursework that will allow them to prepare for college and therefore strive to remove barriers that would prevent students from taking such courses.  RISD requires all AP teachers to take the AP Summer Institute training every three years to teach the course.

RISD will pay for RISD students to take the AP exam in a course in which they are enrolled. Students who fail to come to an exam are subject to a $40 unused/canceled exam fee.

Homeschooled and private school students may take an AP exam with RISD if they pay the exam fees. Homeschooled and private school students are subject to a $40 unused/canceled exam fee if they fail to report for the test. Please contact Dr. Laura Lucero-Carrillo, (575) 627-2594, or your neighborhood high school for more information.


AP Exam Schedule

AP Exam Late-Testing Schedule   

Why take AP Courses?

What are the benefits of AP courses?

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AP Courses Available in RISD 2022-23 School Year

Roswell High School

Goddard High School

AP Environmental Science—Lilia Ackerman

AP Macroeconomics—Gilbert Alvarado

AP Seminar—Jesse Boggs

AP Seminar—Valerie Broesamle

AP Research—Jesse Boggs

AP English Literature and Composition—Brandon Chapman

AP Macroeconomics—Shawn Capes

AP English Language and Composition—Amy Everitt

AP US History—Shawn Capes

AP US History—Amanda King

AP Art and Design—Jennifer Furman

AP Statistics—Yolanda Montaño

AP Calculus AB—Nathan Fuller

AP Government—Adrienne Mounsey

AP Physics—Dr. Janhavi Govinda Rao

AP Calculus—Wyatt Strand

AP English Literature and Composition—Ashley Ingram

AP Spanish Language and Culture—Ricardo Valenzuela

AP English Language and Composition—Ashley Ingram

AP Biology—Sharree White

AP Statistics—Casey O’Dwyer


AP Spanish Language and Culture—Francisco Patoni


AP Spanish Literature and Culture—Francisco Patoni