We have a handful of "apps" that can sometimes be confusing.  If someone says "get the app", or "I'm having trouble in the app", which one do they mean?  Below are most of the apps that used in the district.

PowerSchool PowerSchool Mobile

Use code TWXC to connect to RISD.  Parents and Students can login and see their grades and attendance.  Teachers can login to enter grades and attendance.  This app is not for Administrators.

RISDapp Web App

Calendar, News, Alerts, updated sports, job postings, and other public info available in this app extends our website.  Available in English and Spanish.

SchoolMessenger SchoolMessenger

Get your Teacher Initiated Messages along with Robocalls in this app.  Parents can respond to teacher messages and join ad-hoc groups.  Teachers/Staff can create ad-hoc groups and initiate messages.  Everyone can see the last 30 days of robocalls and applicable group messages.
Login via web or download app from:
More info:

Canvasx3 Canvas by Instructure

We use Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS) in many of our schools.  They have their own apps that do work with our schools.  You probably will need to enter the URL rather than trying to search for your school or district.  Student, Teacher, and Parent app versions are available.

Clever Clever Family Portal

This can be used to help your students login to Clever.  Clever is a student portal which links to appropriate online programs for most students.  If you're already using a Chromebook, this is probably not all that helpful, as Clever can login with Google easily.  If a family is struggling on their own computer to get their student logged into Clever, this can help.  It can provide a QR code to scan, or a couple other options, to more quickly get your student logged into Clever.

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