Teaching the Holocaust

Holocaust history matters. A responsible and thorough study of this event can shape the lives of students for the better. Join these webinars to learn how to teach about the Holocaust and ensure future generations understand and take positive action from the vital lessons of this history.

How Saba Kept Singing
Aug. 21 
| 2 p.m. Register here

"How Saba Kept Singing" is a moving film about Holocaust survivor David Wisnia. His testimony and experiences will help students understand life in Auschwitz, the importance of humanity and perseverance, and the power of music. The film is freely available from Retro Report, a non-profit journalism organization dedicated to connecting past and present, and can be used in its entirety or in clips associated with the suite of resources that accompany the film. Join David Olson, Director of Education at Retro Report, as he discusses this film and offers resources and strategies to bring Retro Report’s library of over 275 short-form documentaries and accompanying resources to help foster engagement and critical thinking in your classroom. This webinar connects with the Echoes & Reflections Final Solution, Jewish Resistance, and Justice, Life, and Memory after the Holocaust Units.

Countering Antisemitism with Testimony
Sept. 5 | 2 p.m. Register here.
Antisemitic incidents, including violent acts, in the United States have been on a sharp rise since 2016. These incidents often begin and are roused subtly – from biased remarks and stereotypes to silence and complacency. These incidents target and harm Jewish individuals and communities and threaten the well-being of society. Testimony can provide students with a human face to those directly impacted by antisemitism, fostering empathy and inspiring students to speak out against antisemitism in their community and beyond.


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