Secondary Programs

Godswill Barrah -  Director of Secondary Programs

AESC Rm. 302

Administrative Secretary- Carmen Medina
AESC Rm. 302

 Godswill Barrahs's Belief Statement 

I believe leadership is service to people and service to purpose. Through their expectations, as well as their actions, my parents taught me that to lead is to serve. My uncle, who is a successful trauma surgeon, continues to tell my sisters and me stories of my mother’s painstaking efforts to support her parents and siblings during the civil war in Nigeria. She worked on a melon farm, where she was paid in melons, which she would later sell. She also cooked and sold the food around town. According to my uncle, my mom’s sacrifice prevented him from dying of starvation during the war. These acts of service were my first lessons in leadership. I believe that leadership begins with the natural feeling that one wants not only to serve, but to serve first. 

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Information related to secondary programs, curriculum, and instructional resources. Designing, implementing, and evaluating all Secondary instructional programs.

Some Areas of Focus for Mr. Barrah: 

    • Educational needs assessments, school redesign, evaluation and selection of learning activities, and resources, and curriculum evaluation. 
    • Successful implementation of all secondary instructional programs. 
    • Supporting Principals in systematic school-wide processes. 
    • Supporting the improvement of Tier-One instruction. 
    • Facilitating the process of creating RISD curriculum framework, CF, and a self-sustaining system for maintaining the CF. 
    • On-site observations of instructional staff in their classroom activities to gather insight for the Enhancement of teacher-learning programs.College & Career Pathways alignment to Programs of Study. 
    • Implementation of the Next-Step Plan process. 
    • Coordinating activities between RISD and ENMU-R. 
    • Providing guidance and collaborative meetings for instructional materials selection and implementation. 

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