Student Computer Questions

Student Computer Questions
Posted on 08/26/2020
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It certainly has been a bumpy start to the new Virtual year.  This page contains some of the questions we keep hearing.  If you have more, email me (, and I'll add them here. We are working very hard to be responsive to the questions we receive, and the problems are being addressed as quickly as possible.

Q: Why doesn’t my password work?
A: All passwords were reset this year, and the student account and password is included on the schedule that each school handed out to each student.   If you do not have yours for some reason, please see your teacher, Principal, or school to get your new password.

Q: Why isn't my new password working?
A: Please make sure you are reading every letter carefully.  After typing your password, use the Eyeball at the right to show your password and make sure it is correct.  If it still fails, please email with the username.

Q: Why is my school not answering the phone?
A: As you can imagine, call volume is high right now, so many calls will roll-over to voicemail.  The schools will call back as soon as they can.  It is very helpful if you leave a clear message with your student's name and ID number if possible.  We do thank you for, and appreciate, your patience.

Q: Why is Canvas not working?
A: Many students are not syncing correctly into Canvas at this time.  Technology Dept. has been actively working with Canvas support to identify and resolve the issue.  No action is needed from the parents or teachers at this time, and we will update this info promptly as we have more information.
UPDATE: 8/24/2020 Some progress was made over the weekend, but many students are still not working.  We are still working on the issue with tech support.
UPDATE: 8/26/2020 The data sync issue has been resolved.  All student info is now in Canvas.  Please report any future issues to your student's teacher directly.

Q: In Chrome, the Canvas page has a box that says "Your browser does not meet the minimum requirements for Canvas."?
A: Chrome will auto update in time, but you can also do it manually, using :
Settings | About Chrome | Chrome OS Settings, push the update button

Q: Why isn’t Clever working?
A: All students should be connecting  into Clever.  If you're able to login, but can't get into Clever, please email .

Q: Why is my Istation not working?
A1: Istation requires an additional download on your PC or Mac (not required on Chromebooks).  If you are using your own device, please go to to download the program.  You don't need to try to login to it, just close it after installing, then launch it from Clever.
A2: Istation requires a State ID to be entered in our SIS, then a nightly sync to happen.  This takes a few days to get entered.

Q:Why isn't my Zoom working?
A: Zoom has been purchased for the District and will be setup as soon as Zoom give the school district our codes for zoom. We hope to have this by 8/28/2020. 

Q: Who do I contact to get a problem addressed?
A: Your teachers should be your first point of contact.  They may have answers and need to know what troubles you are having.  Once they have that information, they can route the issue to the proper person.

Q: Why has my password changed recently?
A: Passwords were changed to address security concerns.  The school provided password should work for you.  Plus if you lost yours password call your school so they can give you a copy of the schedule and password.

Q: What is my username?  It wasn’t on my Schedule.
A: Your 6 digit District ID is your username.  To get into Google, add to the end of it  for example (

Q: Why doesn't Gmail work?
A: It only works to and from other addresses and only within Gmail.  Invites from Zoom, emails sent from a College, or Joke of the Day, cannot reach you.

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