Math Links for Parents and Students

Math Links for Parents and Students

Elementary Grades K-5

Math games for kids
Funbrain has monsters teaching math.  A fun interactive resource

Middle School Grades 6-8

Games and animations that help students with particular math concepts such as ratios, base ten, number lines, fractions, coordinate planes, etc. Available in Spanish  
Free, problem-based math materials that include a thorough explanation of mathematical concepts. All lessons are also available in Spanish. 
Carnegie Skills Practice: Downloadable pdf documents for various skills for 6-8 math. Once the google docs opens double click on the folder to access the resources.

High School Grades 9-12

Marble - slides activities. Interactive explorations for graphs of different types of functions that students in high school mathematics see. For each one, use the link, enter one of the codes below, and select ‘continue without signing in. 
•      Linear Functions - Use class code NJBMCM 
•      Exponential Functions - Use class code AET62V 
•      Quadratic Functions - Use class code M3JH4D 
•      Rational Functions - Use class code EYP3GN 
•      Periodic Functions - Use class code KPYR46 
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