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Advanced Placement Program


The purpose of the Advanced Placement program is academic acceleration.  It also provides students the opportunity to earn college credit for high school classes by preparing students to take the Advanced Placement Exams.

Any student in grades 11 and 12 may enroll in AP if they have successfully completed the prerequisite courses.

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to review the AP program during the freshman and sophomore year to insure that all prerequisites have been completed at the appropriate time.

Roswell Independent School District currently offers sixteen college-level courses for highly motivated students in high school.   





English Language

English Literature

French Language

French Literature

German Language



Spanish Language

Spanish Literature


U.S. History

World History

The exceptional reputation the program enjoys is made possible by the close cooperation of secondary schools, colleges, and the College Board.  Students report that they enjoy the challenges provided by the program.

The AP program provides course descriptions and teaching materials as well as exams based on those descriptions.  It does not, however, dictate the textbook, schedule of lessons, or teaching techniques.

Student Requirements

It is essential that students and parents alike make long-term commitments to the program because participation increases the students' preparedness for higher education, and high scores on the Advanced Placement Exams can potentially earn college credit. In AP classes, students and parents must agree to:

  1. Commit to completing the required work for each AP course, including the expectation of taking the AP exam following completion of the required coursework.
  2. Attend test preparation sessions conducted prior to the scheduled exam date.
  3. Any other requirements stipulated by the instructor.


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