Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

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Academic Services - Work-based Learning Liaison Coordinator.pdf

Asses. & Eval. - Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Evaluation & Assessment.pdf*

Asses. & Eval. - Assistant Superintent of Assessment and Accountability.pdf

Athletics - Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics-Activities.pdf

Athletics - Assistant Athletic Director - 4-19.pdf

Athletics - Administrative Assistant-Secretary.pdf

Athletics - Assistant Coach.pdf

Athletics - Athletic Coordinator - High School.pdf

Athletics - Athletic Coordinator - Middle School.pdf

Athletics - Athletic Trainer.pdf

Athletics - Director Of Athletics - Activities.pdf

Athletics - Head Coach.pdf

Athletics - Music Teacher - Corrections - 10-28-2015.pdf

Business Ofc. - Accounts Payable.pdf

Business Ofc. - Administrative Assist. to the Assistant Superintendent for Financial Operations.pdf

Business Ofc. - Assistant Superintendent for Financial Operations - CORRECTIONS - 8-24-2016 - bw.pdf

Business Ofc. - Director Of Business Services.pdf

Business Ofc. - Fixed Asset and Federal Programs Accountant.pdf

Business Ofc - Payroll Administrator - 2-8-2022.pdf

Business Ofc. - Payroll Specialist.pdf

Business Ofc. - Supervisor, Business Services for RISD & Sid. Gut. Mid. School.pdf

CLC - Principal for the CLC.pdf

CLC - Secretary to Principal for the Creative Learning Center.pdf

CLC - Teacher Arts Program.pdf

Construction Coordinator.pdf

Elem. - Elementary Secretary.pdf

Elem. - Principal-Administrator for Elementary Schools.pdf

ESL - Bilingual Educational Assistant (Pre-K-12).pdf

ESL - Bilingual Facilitator.pdf

ESL - Director of English as a Second Language (ESL).pdf

ESL - Secretary to the Director of English as a Second Language (ESL).pdf

Federal Prog. - Administrative Assistant.pdf

Federal Prog. - Director Of Federal Programs.pdf

Federal Prog. - Migrant Education Program Recruiter.pdf

Federal Prog. - Planetarium Facilitator.pdf

Federal Prog. - Safe School Liaison

Federal Prog. - Secretary-Administrative Assistant.pdf

Federal Prog. - Substance Abuse Prevention and Family Engagement Liaison

Federal Prog. - Detention-Correction Center Teacher.pdf

Federal Prog. - FYLT and Foster Care Liaison - Instruction - Corrections 10-07-20.pdf

Food Serv. - Administrative District Kitchen Supervisor.pdf

Food Serv. - Administrative Specialist to the Director of Student Nutricion.pdf

Food Serv. - Department Head.pdf

Food Serv. - Director of Student Nutrition.pdf

Food Serv. - District Kitchen Supervisor.pdf

Food Serv. - Food Services Worker.pdf

Food Serv. - Kitchen Manager.pdf

Food Serv. - Office Clerical.pdf

Food Serv. - Production Clerk.pdf

Food Serv. - Satellite I Kitchen Manager 3-9.pdf

Food Serv. - Satellite II Kitchen Manager 10+Sites.pdf

Food Serv. - Substitute Food Services Worker.pdf

Food Serv. - Substitute Warehouse-Delivery Worker.pdf

Food Serv. - Warehouse Manager.pdf

Food Serv. - Warehouse-Delivery Worker.pdf

HR - Administrative Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent for HR.pdf

HR - Application-Vacancy Specialist.pdf

HR - Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.pdf

HR - Certified-Classified Employees Specialist.pdf

HR - Director of Human Resources.pdf

HR - Insurance,FMLA,Medical,Benefits Specialist.pdf

HR - Receptionist-Switchboard Operator- Records Archive Scanner.pdf

HR - Security Guard.pdf

HR - Specialist Insurance,FMLA,Medical,Benefits.pdf

HR - Subfinder-Records Specialist.pdf

HR - Substitute Security Guard.pdf

HR - Substitute Teacher-Associate-Secretary - 05-01-23.pdf

HR - Volunteer.pdf

HS - Administrative Secretary to the Principal.pdf

HS - Assistant Principal-Administrator at the High Schools.pdf

HS - Attendance Secretary.pdf

HS - Bookkeeper.pdf

HS - Career Advisor.pdf

HS - Counselor - Secondary.pdf

HS - Department Chairperson - Teacher.pdf

HS - High School Secretary.pdf

HS - Principal-Administrator for High Schools.pdf

HS - Receptionist.pdf

HS - Registrar.pdf

Instr. - Adm. Assistant to the Assist. Superintendent for Instruction.pdf

Instr. - Adm. Assistant to the Director of Instructional Programs.pdf

Instr. - Administrative Secretary - Instruction and Curriculum.pdf

*Instr. Administrative Secretary - Bookkeeper.pdf

Instr. - Administrative Technology Support - Media - Material Center.pdf

Instr. - Administrative Technology Support - Media-Library - Material Center.pdf

Instr. - Assistant Superintendent for Instruction.pdf

Inst. - Community Schools On-Site Coordinator.pdf

Inst. - Community Schools On-Site Specialist.pdf

Instr. - Director Of Instructional Programs.pdf

Instr. - Educational Assistant (Pre-K-12).pdf

Instr. - Elementary Library Associate.pdf

Instr. - Elementary Teacher.pdf

Instr. - English Language Arts Content Specialist.pdf

Instr. - GEAR UP Federal Grant Academic Advisors.pdf

Instr. - Grads Child Care Associate.pdf

Instr. - Grads-Nursery Teacher.pdf

Instr. - Library Associate.pdf

Instr. - Library-Media Secondary.pdf

Instr. - Mathematic Content Specialist.pdf

Instr. - Physical Educatlion Teacher.pdf

Instr. - Pre-K Early Childhood Teacher.pdf

Instr. - Reading Coach.pdf

Instr. - School Assistant Team-Response to Intervention Facilitator.pdf

Instr. - Secondary Teacher.pdf

Inst. - Social Worker.pdf

Instr. - Teacher Center Administrative Technology Support.pdf

IT - Audio Video Specialist.pdf

IT - Computer Networking Specialist.pdf

IT - Director of Technology.pdf

IT - Electronic Technician.pdf

IT - Help Desk Specialist.pdf

IT - Information Systems Resource Specialist.pdf

IT - Information Systems Specialist.pdf

IT - System Network Admin.pdf

IT - Systems Support Specialist.pdf

IT - Technology Network Specialist.pdf

IT - Technology Data Integration Specialist.pdf

Maint. - Administrative Secretary to Coordinator for Maintenance.pdf

Maint.- Head Carpenter.pdf

Maint. - Carpenter.pdf

Maint. - Coordinator of Maintenance.pdf

Maint. - Custodian Substitutes.pdf

Maint. - Custodian.pdf

Maint. - Electrician.pdf

Maint. - Energy Manager.pdf

Maint.- Head Groundskeeper.pdf

Maint. - Groundskeeper.pdf

Maint. - Head Custodian.pdf

Maint. - Maintenance - Central Receiving Department Head.pdf

Maint. - MT Custodial Supervisor.pdf

Maint. - Painter.pdf

Maint. Head Plumber.pdf

Maint. - Plumber.pdf

Maint.- Head Rover.pdf

Maint. - Rover.pdf

Maint. - Warehouse Worker-Delivery Driver.pdf

MS - Assistant Principal-Administrator for Middle Schools.pdf

MS - Middle School Secretary.pdf

MS - Middle School Teacher Department Chairperson.pdf

MS - Principal-Administrator for Middle Schools.pdf

SPED - Administrative Secretary to Director for Special Services.pdf

SPED - Apprentice in Speech-Language Pathology (ASL).pdf

SPED - Behavior Intervention Specialist.pdf

SPED - Bookkeeper - IDEA.pdf

SPED - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).pdf

SPED - Child Find Secretary.pdf

SPED - Clerical Transition Asst. to Coordinator and Director of SPED.pdf

SPED - Data Entry - Special Services.pdf

SPED - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Educational Assistant.pdf

SPED - Deaf and Hearing Impairment Teacher.pdf

SPED - Director of Special Services.pdf

SPED - Early Childhood Coordinator.pdf

SPED - Educational Assistant Low Incidence Classrooms (Autism-ED-BD-Life).pdf

SPED - Educational Diagnostician.pdf

SPED - Gifted Coordinator.pdf

SPED - IEP Clerical - High School.pdf

SPED - IEP Specialist.pdf

SPED - Information Specialist.pdf

SPED - Interpreter for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Students.pdf

SPED - K-8 School Counselor.pdf

SPED - Medicaid Program Specialist.pdf

SPED - Professional Medical Specialist.pdf

SPED - Occupational Therapist.pdf

SPED - Orientation and Mobility Specialist.pdf

SPED - Physical Therapist Assistant.pdf

SPED - Physical Therapist.pdf

SPED - Pre-Kindergarten Associate.pdf

SPED - School Nurse.pdf

SPED - Records - Special Education.pdf

SPED - School Psychologist.pdf

SPED - Social Worker.pdf

SPED - Special Education Educational Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education Educational-Transition Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education One-on-One Assistant.pdf

SPED - Special Education Teacher.pdf

SPED - Speech-Language Pathologist.pdf

SPED - Subsitute School Nurse.pdf

SPED-Transition Job Coach 7.18.23.pdf

SPED - Visual Impairment Teacher - Corrections - 10-29-2015.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Construction Coordinator.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Coordinator for Support Services and Transportation.pdf

Supp. Serv. - Support Serv. & Transportation Administrative Assistant.pdf

Supt. - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent.pdf

Supt. - Superintendent.pdf