ROSWELL ISD Virtual Enrollment Fall 2020


Please complete this form to start the application process to enroll your 6th through 12th student in Virtual Learning for the 2020-2021 school year. This is a fully online learning option and requires additional commitments and an initial parent/student training.




Roswell ISD is offering a 100% virtual option as part of the 2020-2021 school year re-entry plan. This page contains the latest details and information related to the 100% virtual option and also allows you to register your child for this platform.


100% virtual option registration forms are due by August 14, 2020.  Forms are available on the RISD website.



There are many factors to consider when making a selection between the hybrid model or the 100% virtual model. This page has information specific to middle and high school students to assist you in making a decision.


The Virtual Teacher Responsibilities                                                 

-- Develop lessons each week to accompany learning through APEX online curriculum.

--Regular communication with students.  Office hours set and communicated.  Timely responses to emails or phone questions.

--Timely turn-around on grading and feedback.  Grade reporting will continue at each 9 weeks using percent notation on a one hundred (100) point scale. 

--Teachers will be evaluated and supported by RISD administrators.


The Virtual Student Responsibilities                                                 

--Stay on track in courses which may require 5-7 hours of daily work online.

--Work independently from home on a computer, laptop, or Chromebook with high speed internet access.

--Students are expected to pass assignments and assessments with at least a 60% D.

--Attend virtual classrooms or meetings when scheduled by teacher.

--Take responsibility for self-advocacy and completion of assignments in a timely manner.

--Communicate with teachers and ask for help in a timely manner.  Follow through with accessing Tutorials if needed.


The Parent/Guardian Responsibilities as Learning Coach                              

--What is a learning coach? A parent, guardian or caretaker who will be responsible for supporting their student(s) education with the direction, guidance and support of a certified RISD teacher.

--Consistent communication with teachers and school staff and monitoring announcements from teachers.                      

--Develop a daily schedule to support student engagement and completion of assignments.

--Attendance is important to make progress.

--Monitor daily lesson completion and student comprehension of lesson objectives; contact teacher for assistance as needed.


Partnership with the Online Teacher                                               

The learning coach and online teacher will work together to support the student's learning throughout the year. The online teacher will be responsible for direct instruction, giving students access to course work and quizzes, tests via online platforms, assigning and providing feedback on assignments, and assessing student progress. Learning coach will be responsible for supporting student in engaging in and completing all assigned learning opportunities and assignments. Both the online teacher and learning coach will be responsible for communication of expectations and student needs.


Amount of Time Needed to Support a Virtual Student                        

The amount of time may vary depending on the age of the student; however, 6th-12th grade students could need up to 5-6 hours of online work and 1-3 hours of support from their learning coach each day.


The Normal Student Day for 100% Virtual Learning                              

Daily attendance is required for all students on the 100% virtual learning model. Students will be expected to complete a minimum of 6 hours of school work for each day.


The Online platform used will be Canvas                                       

Students and teachers will be using a Learning Management system called Canvas to access all assignments, turn in work, and communicate.


Curriculum for 100% Virtual Learning                                              

RISD full virtual learning curriculum will include standards-based high quality instruction delivered by an RISD teacher using APEX courses and RISD courses as needed.   Learning will incorporate social emotional supports and lead to College and Career Readiness.  Some High School courses may be limited at this time due to availablility.  Please check with your Academic Advisor.  


Contact Us                                                       

For questions about middle and high school learning on the 100% virtual option, please call or email your student's school or 575-627-2557. 



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