Operating Budget

2016-2017 Operating Budget

Approved FY16-17 Operating Budget
May 16, 2016 FY16-17 Local Fixed Operating Budget Presentation

2015-2016 Operating Budget

Approved FY 15-16 Operating Budget
May 12, 2015 FY15-16 Local Fixed Operating Budget Presentation

2014-2015 Operating Budget

May 13, 2014 - FY14-15 Local Fixed Operating Budget Presentation

2013-2014 Operating Budget

Approved FY13-14 Operating Budget
April 14, 2013 - FY13-14 Local Fixed Operating Budget Presentation

To ensure sustainability, each year the RISD Budget Committee develops the district's annual Operating budget by projecting and balancing available revenue to planned expenditures.
As approved by the Local Board of Education, and authorized and monitored by the NM PED, projected recurring revenue is matched to structured recurring costs, while available cash balance, a non-recurring finite resource, is matched to the district ability to accept and provide sufficient cash outlays for the sustainable operation of available reimbursement basis grant program awards and special projects (e.g., Federal grant program awards such as Title I, IDEA-B, Title II, Title III, etc.).
Note: Available annual Operational revenue is subject to change (increase or decrease) based on changes to the State's Funded Unit Value and the District's total student enrollment (Membership) factored for program units and enrollment growth.