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The Teacher Center strives to provide resources and materials at no cost to teachers. However, due to the expense of some equipment and supplies, a small fee may be charged to help maintain the availability of special resources.  The amount that is charged is the actual cost for the Teacher Center.  The Teacher Center does not charge for profit, but to replace the resources that are used.  Following is a list of items that require a small fee.

Large Format Printer (Full Color & Gray scale)
24" wide $2.00/foot
36" wide $3.00/foot
42" wide $4.00/foot

Color Copies/Prints
8.5" x 11" $0.10/side
8.5" x 14" $0.15/side
11" x 17" $0.20/side
13" x 19" $0.40/side

Sublimation Blanks Price varies depending on item

Vinyl Printing $4.00/foot

Please contact the Teacher Center for Administration pricing.