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200 West Chisum Street
Roswell, New Mexico 88203
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RISD Elementary Arts Program

Our teachers, whose home base is the Creative Learning Center, travel to all elementary schools each week to bring visual and performing arts lessons to all K-5 students. Special arts experiences are planned during the school year for 6th graders. Our lessons are designed to not only meet the NM Arts Standards and Benckmarks, but to integrate Arts Concepts into the other core curriculum.


Cultivate the Creative Spirit in All Students


The Mission of Arts Connect is to provide K-6 students a continuous developmental approach to Visual and Performing Arts by presenting new challenges, addressing a variety of learning styles, fostering complex thinking, and connecting them to diverse cultures.


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Tamra Gedde

Kris Ard
Arts Integration Specialist

Camille Montoya
Administrative Assistant

Performing Arts Educators

Wyles, Andrea K 637-3308
Ashley Booth 1st 637-3302
Earwood, Robin 2nd 637-3309
Theresa Steinke
3rd 637-3307
Amber Miramontes 4th 637-3305
Mary Alice Balderrama
5th 637-3306

Visual Arts Educators

Jill Cornil K 637-3315
Kuzniar, Cathy 1st 637-3317
Savannah Barela 2nd 637-3320
Ben Brooks  3rd 637-3303
Emilee Glenn 4th 637-3304
Doyle, Sunday 5th 637-3313