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Pathful Explore not only provides world-class career planning tools, it's a resource you can use to help students decide what type of work experience is a good fit for them right now.

As we round out the end of the spring semester, many of your students may be thinking about what they can do over the summer to make a little extra cash. Some students may be interested in starting a part-time job to work throughout the school year.

Students can start searching for jobs and internships by clicking Jobs in the top navigation bar.

In addition, they can review expert guidance for writing resumes and cover letters. Go to Tools, then select Resume/Cover Letterin the top navigation bar.


Celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) by highlighting environmental science/conservation careers for your students.

Environmental Specialist

Kalli Unthank tests water and environmental quality to protect her community and its resources.

Wind Technician

Nick Cain talks about experiencing the adrenaline rush of extreme heights for his job as a wind technician.

Solar Consultant

Ben Edson discusses how to harness solar energy to minimize our environmental footprint.


April is Financial Literacy Month and you can share Life Skills videos to help your students learn the basics of managing their finances. Here are a few to get them started:

Why You Should Protect Your Credit Health

A CPA explains why it's essential you keep your credit history as clean as possible.

College Money Saving Strategies You Should Consider

College admissions coach Jen Namba shares ideas to help cut costs and pay for college.

How To Use Credit and Debit Cards Responsibly

An accountant gives advice on how to use credit and debit cards responsibly.

Want to try out Pathful Connect? Join these live connection opportunities that are open to all users.Send your elementary classes on a virtual trip to learn about Loppy the Robot, Bristlebots, an electronics lab in action, video game coding, and more.