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Public education continues to face a variety of challenges, but there are plenty of things educators and administrators can do to overcome them. Though not a one-size-fits-all solution, an online course catalog can help school districts combat some of these challenges and keep students in class and on track to graduation.

Here are three big challenges we’re seeing in education today:

U.S. schools have seen a decrease in public school enrollment over the past few years and an increase in charter school enrollment and homeschooling. School districts can keep students in their district by offering a flexible alternative pathway to graduation that gives parents more autonomy over their students’ education.

Did the pandemic ruin a 20-year trend of increasing graduation rates? It’s too early to tell, but we do know that students experiencing barriers to graduation isn’t new. Offering flexible, customizable learning opportunities can help students who are struggling with circumstances outside of their control make it to graduation.

The teacher shortage isn’t a new issue. We know teachers are overworked, which leads to burnout, educators leaving the profession, and an even more dire shortage. It also leads to schools not being able to offer as many courses and elective options. One way to help bridge the gap is by offering teacher-facilitated online courses.


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