Grade Sync

The Canvas Grade sync to PowerSchool allows graded Canvas gradebook assignments to update PowerTeacher with the push of a button.  This may require some setup for each teacher.  If you use this feature, you need to make any grade corrections in the Canvas gradebook, as these will overwrite the PowerSchool gradebook frequently, even the grades you've already graded and think might not sync.

Setting Up PowerTeacher Pro Sync in Canvas as a Teacher

And some of our own notes about this video.
  • At the 4:18 minute mark assignment, categories will sync within 10 minutes now sometimes as fast as 1 minute. It does not have to wait for the nightly sync anymore.
  • 6:00 mark assignment names over 30 characters will NOT sync at all. It won't allow teachers to enable syncing, they will get an error message when they try.
  • 7:02 mark the option name has changed from sync to settings. Just in case some teachers get confused with the name change.
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